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The RockFish Group, located in the Historic District of Poulsbo, Washington and just outside of Seattle, is a Multidisciplinary Creative Agency offering a proven and successful approach to Brand Development Strategy.

Using our unique recipe of PR coupled with Design, Web and Branding, our collaborative teams create successful solutions that look beyond the norm to find that something special, that road not traveled, that market you haven’t thought of, and partner with you on your journey towards epic success.

Looking for a Logo? Let’s build a Brand Instead…

A logo is simply a mark that makes a company or organization identifiable – a brand is what embodies a company’s purpose. It is the heart and promise of any venture. When executed well, a brand will bring your business’ personality to life, then drive a connection to your audience.

We work with you to figure out solutions for your brand’s problems. Having a brand is one thing, developing a brand is quite another. Once we have agreed on the strategy, our team begins helping you go beyond what you thought you needed, and transforms your message into something that comes to life = your brand.

The RockFish Group integrates with your organization to expand your brand through best practices and good ol’ fashioned hard work – offering an all-in-house approach to creating strategic brand development, cohesive identity systems, responsive web design, content strategy, comprehensive digital marketing, PR, reputation management, social media, and launch events to get your organization noticed.

Let’s show the world how great you really are.
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